Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Real Patriot

The big man PZ posted about her. Ms. McKinsey is an example of what I think of as a real patriot. She used a powerful example to show one of the core values that once made America great: Freedom of expression. She stepped on an American flag to demonstrate that we have the freedom to express our feelings without fear of government reprisal. That includes criticism against the government or the nation as a whole.

For her valor, she gets rewarded with an insane mob of idolators who worship the flag but hate America and everything that flag represents to us. If these people had their way, the flag would become an icon of nihilism, tyranny, stagnation, and ignorance. I stand by Ms. McKinsey. I hope that the children took her lesson to heart, even when so many adults have failed to do so.


Ryan W. said...

Didn't you know? You have the right to criticize and say whatever you want as long as other people agree with you. That's in the Bill of Rights somewhere.

Verification word: hotisic

Hotisic - misspelling of "hotty" denoted in Latin.

Bronze Dog said...

Funny, I thought "hotisic" was what they were going to rebrand "alternative/complementary/integrative/statistical-blip-based-medicine" whenever the current label fails the smell test.

Don said...

No, "hotisic" is what they called it when the acupuncture is being administered by a sexy lady in a bikini.