Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Science Needs Help Against the IDiots Again...

*Update 6-6-05 - The Smithsonian has issued a CYA statement to smooth things over. We'll take it...for now.

*Update 7-15-05 - I received an e-mail from the Smithsonian, and thanked them for it. I understand their position now, and still respect them for the marvelous institution they are!

Pulled this off of Randi's site. Looks like the Smithsonian will be airing a film promoting the woo-woo of intelligent design. Folks, this is ridiculous. When the Smithsonian starts promoting pseudo-science, credulous minds can easily be warped. I can just hear it now..."Oh yeah? Well how come the Smithsonian believes ID" and other such gibberish.

The worst thing about this is they took a donation to show this film, saying they will use the funds to "further science". That is like me taking a donation from the Jehovah's Witnesses to knock on doors and saying I'll use the funds to prevent religious solicitation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please e-mail Mr. Randall Kremer of Smithsonian Public Affairs at and let him know that this is unacceptable.

Here is my letter:

Subject: ID is not Science

Mr. Kremer,

It was recently brought to my attention that the Smithsonian Institute is going to be airing a film by the Discovery Institute on Intelligent Design. This upsets me greatly.

The SI is known throughout the world as a promoter of knowledge, truth, and science. Therefore, by airing this film the SI is promoting this film and its silly ideas by proxy.

Mr. Kremer, ID is not science. There is nothing testable in the theories of ID, and there has never been any published experimentation to attempt to prove it. They simply use appeals to popularity and poke holes in evolutionary thought; those holes can quickly be filled back in.

Mr. James Randi has offered to make a donation to the Smithsonian Institute in the amount of $20,000 if you will NOT air this film. Also, you will not be required to air anything that promotes his/our position. Please take this into consideration and visit

thank you for your time

I implore anyone who reads this to make the same remarks to Mr. Kremer.

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