Friday, October 14, 2005

All Things are NOT Through Him

A pirate walks into a bar. He has a large galleon steering wheel coming out of his trousers. The bartender says "Hey buddy - you know you gotta big wheel sticking outta yer drawers???"

"Aye, and it's drivin' me nuts!"

I thought that may illustrate the point I'm about to make. Why do people give credit for their abilities to a magical man in the sky? For instance, many Grammy winners begin their acceptance speech with "First off I'd like to thank God; through him all things are possible."

If your Rockstar ever wins a Grammy, I might start my speech like this:

"First off, I'd like to thank God for sitting in my basement every night for five hours learning to play guitar for me. I'd also like to thank Him for writing
Labeled's songs (Rockstar's band). Through Him all things are possible."

What about Me?

Why do people give their invisible friend credit for all their accomplishments?


Anonymous said...
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Rockstar Ryan said...

Comment spam

MichaelBains said...

Dude! I've got "Labeled" comin' outta my PC speakers right now and I'm Diggin' It! Not to categorize too limitingly, but there's a definite "Tool" vibe in there at times. Niiiice!

Thank God for practicing for you for me will ya? ;} The rat-Bastard never does that shit for me!

The tunage I posted yesterday starts quiet & steady in Am, then has an anthemic, zepplinesque, Am, G, F, regressive thing goin' on that Page or one o' the Maiden boys could seriously shred over. This winter I get some stuff on MP3 finally.

Rock on RS!

Ronald Brak said...

"Move your hand! Move your hand!"
And it's not the hand of god I'm talking about here.

drogidy said...

The hand of glory...? ;)

Damn, and I had a thing for her.

Rockstar Ryan said...

Michael: Thanks dude!

Ron B: No kidding.

Drogidy: Totally.

Sable Chicken said...

I have a talent for sculpting, and I practice it, but is a God given talent.
God did not bless me with any music talent, I like music, I sing in the car all the time. But I still can't sing.
Rockstar, you are blessed to have your musical gifts.

BronzeDog said...

Feh. God. I'd like to thank my lucky Q-Ray bracelet for helping me get through college. It's not like all that reading or hard work had anything to do with it.