Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Skeptiplomacy Update

It's been a while, so I should let you know how things are coming along, since I got an update from Brendan and baldywilson not too long ago:

The map (2/19): Terrain and territories are done. What's left: Assign starting nations and distribute supply centers. Scan and clean up.

The code (2/22): baldy's got the relevant stuff for move/attack, hold, and support down, last seen coding for the convoy command. Once he's got all that working properly, he'll put the code up, and customization for Brendan's map will apparently be no problem.

The player list: Unchanged since the last update:

1. Bronze Dog
2. Austin Atheist
3. Rev. BigDumbChimp
4. JackalMage
5. xiangtao
6. Infophile
7. baldywilson
8. Brendan
9. Bourgeois_Rage
10. Akusai
11. Greedy Algorithm
12. Nes

EDITED TO ADD: Oh, almost forgot: Everyone, send the email address you want to use for negotiation and sending commands to my email addy. You can probably guess it, if you haven't already. Gmail invites for anyone who wants them.

1 comment:

JackalMage said...

Excellent. I can't wait to play this with you guys.