Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Stupidity That's Painful in the Heart as Well as the Head

Orac posts about anti-vaxxer stupidity claiming that Shaken Baby Syndrome is caused by vaccines. The evil Alan Yurko is brought up, of course. Here's where the pain rises:
However, the physical injuries associated with SBS are harder to pin on vaccines. After all, rib fractures, spine injuries, and broken bones are frequently associated with SBS. How do the antivaxers explain that?

Easy, they blame it on scurvy. They actually claim that vaccines cause vitamin C deficiency...


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?

I said this to Matt the other day, but sometimes I really wish we were allowed to sterilize for stupidity.

I've never come across anti-vaxers...I don't think I even knew they existed.

Bronze Dog said...

One of the rules I try to live by: Never underestimate the human capacity for stupidity. Whenever you hypothesize about an upper limit, the universe coughs up someone stupider than you ever thought possible.