Friday, April 28, 2006


I'm apparently slower on the news than most gamers, but you've probably heard this: Nintendo's given the official name for the Revolution: The Wii. I'll still probably get one, but I'll continue to call it the Revolution, sort of like what I do with my Gameboy DS.

[Obligatory jokes] Since I can't live without Zelda and Samus, you'll probably catch me playing with my Wii on a semi-regular basis. Personally, I wish I could find more local gamers to play with my Wii, but with the Internet, and the thing being wireless out of the box, I can probably play with my Wii with lots of people online. They'll probably have lots of websites devoted to Wiis, allowing for innovative new games you can play with your Wii. [/Obligatory jokes]


Michael Bains said...

So soon you'll be able to say "it's just me and my WII!"

Hhhmmm... maybe you won't really want to, though. {-;

Anonymous said...

Hooray for another DS player.