Friday, June 22, 2007

The Son of Pointless Fun

Well, got a few good things to pass on, largely thanks to Nodwick.

Nodes: Simple puzzle concept: Got a bunch of movable connected objects. You have to get them to intersect all the nodes on the level. Easy at first, but I can see it adding up quickly.

Vector Tower Defense: 'nother one of these games. You may want to skip the easy maps.

Meme infection that's quickly spreading: Very Dramatic Chipmunk. First saw him at Denialism.

Tesla dipped into the woo later in life, but his good science allowed us to do this:

I'm getting one or both of these in preparation for our robot overlords... Though I don't know if I'll be watching from the front lines on July 3rd.

My keen animal instincts tell me that yesterday was International Surf Day. That would have been more useful to know in advance. It's being celebrated over at Cute Overload.

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Bob said...

I must have that Tesla coil. It had better be locked up some place safe.