Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Funny Search

I don't keep track of these like I used to, but bumped into this:

my stomach hurts astrology

Wow. Woo can be injured by someone's digestive tract. I should see if I can track this guy down and splice his DNA into mine or something.


Anonymous said...

I fear that person was attempting to use astrology to heal some stomach sickness. I'm not sure how that's even supposed to work even if astrology's claims were true.

Bronze Dog said...

My joke! You murdered it! >:(

Pleh. I knew it was probably some woo looking for woo stomach remedies, but the phrasing managed to get me to laugh instead of facepalm.

Anonymous said...


Mike ... said...

I think it's actually funnier when you consider that someone was trying to use astrology to cure something, as DJ points out.

I mean this person is so confused even his woo is wrong.