Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Random Recall #6

Really crappy 80's movie I saw on TV, this time. I can't remember the name, but I remember the premise.

So, got some CIA group that gets young geniuses to make spy gizmos. Teenage girl invents some process to disrupt electric currents in a manner that pretty much lets her remotely control any sort of electronic device. They get her to disguise the unit as a TV remote because there's nothing suspicious about an agent carrying around a television remote, rather than, say, a pocket calculator.

Anyway, turns out the spy group's rogue and wants to use the device for eeeee-ville, so the girl escapes with the prototype. She ends up teaming up with a pair of mimbo (male bimbo) truck driving brothers who have to get the girl to the real government agency while still making good time on a delivery. Anyway, she gets to safety with their help, and they notice they accidentally fouled up the "foul-up clock" that's counting down how much time they have to make their delivery they'll get fired for if they miss. So, she lets them have the remote and gives them the code for changing red lights green. Problem is that they didn't hear the last digit as they drive away, endangering people as they run reds trying to find the number by process of elimination. I don't remember if they make it.

Anyone ever see that?


Valhar2000 said...

They did make it. I've seen that movie too. I remember a scene in which they save some-ones baby from being collateral damage, and then the following conversation takes place:

Dad: Well done, boys! What are you, marines?
Mimbo 1: No, we used to be fat kids.
Dad: What?
Mimbo 2: Yeah, back when we were growing up, if you were a fat kid you had to learn to how to fight, or learn to how to get beaten up.

Rhoadan said...

Just a quick note: I think the generally accepted term for a male bimbo is "himbo."

Anonymous said...

The plot summary of this one sounds like it:

The sad thing is, I'm supposed to be studying for my exams, not looking through IMDB for movies that I've never seen. :( Yet another ten minutes successfully wasted...

Bronze Dog said...

If it's any consolation, Daggerstab, you wasted those ten minutes in a successful manner. I'm confident that's the movie I'm talking about.