Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Virgin Mary Crying Blood?

From CBS News:

Outside Sacramento, at the small Vietnamese Catholic Martyrs church, a statue of the Virgin Mary appears to be crying, reports The Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman.

"Just the fact that it's coming from the eyes, and it's a red color like blood, I would say that there's a miracle either way," said Dave Leatherby, who visited the statue. "Even if there's a natural explanation, it's a sign."

Ok. Of course there's a natural explanation for this. Obviously there must be holes near the eye sockets for this to happen. Unless water is just appearing out of nowhere. Which is possible (condensation.) Either way, let's say there are holes present. These holes may have been cut or eroded away by water that is trapped within the head of the statue. The water begins to leak out and reflects a red color. If you look at the picture, it already appears that the statue has a pinkish tint to it. So the first thing people say is, "IT HAS TO BE BLOOD!" Yes. Because all statues bleed. Honestly, is that the first (il)logical conclusion that people can think of? If you saw some sort of substance that appeared to have a tint of red in it coming from a shoe, would you think this was blood? I'm sure at work here is some sort of logical fallacy (fallacy of exclusion?).

"So maybe this is happening for a reason. I just think she's crying for all the sins of the world and everything."

Then she should have started crying a long time ago.

"We came here Thanksgiving night," Vivian Valles said. "The blood was on her chest. We came back the next day and it had run all the way down her dress."

Yes, liquids do tend to travel at relatively quick speeds, especially in a downward motion. This is due to gravity, obviously an unknown concept to Christians.

But father James Murphy of the Sacramento diocese shies away from calling this a miracle.
"These kinds of phenomena are fairly common," he said. "But the number that turn out to be miraculous are very, very rare."

Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster. This guy can't be real. One from the church claiming it may not be a miracle?!? Well, it seems that some who practice religion have some logic. Yet he still believes in miracles. Maybe he'll come around...

However, it does bring more people to the church.

Exactly. This is simply a ploy to get more to come to church. By exploiting "miracles," those who have been lacking faith will surely come back to the church and pray for forgiveness. These sinners see it as a sign, possibly that the world is ending. Way to go church. Everytime people start to think a little more logically, you keep making them into wackos. PRAISE THE LORD!

Church officials say they will investigate if the phenomenon continues. But for believers, or those seeking guidance, healing or inspiration, there is no need for proof.



Ryan Michael said...

Even if there's a natural explanation, it's a sign.

Ya just can't win against the creduloids, can you?

Me: There's a perfectly good explanation for that. The statue is under the air conditioner. The air conditioner is rusty and condensation dripped from it.

Creduloid: Oh yeah - like THAT could happen by chance!

Me: *sigh*

Anonymous said...


Nothing to do with that post, but just wanted to say I like the new format. Looks great!

Anonymous said...

It's not that difficult finding a priest at first skeptical about a "miracle". Moreover, that is the usual Church position.
Just think what would happen if they easily accepted any miracles that could be easily proved to be fake. It would be pretty bad for their image.

Crystal said...

Understandable. I just don't see why people are so quick to say it's a miracle when even their church can't admit it. Ahhh, ignorance...where would the world be without thee? Oh yeah, right here.