Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Bronze Dawg is in the Hizzy. Or Whatever You Kids are Saying These Days.

Since not all of you hang out at the JREF forums, much less the humor section thereof, I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm a geek and general skeptic. Although I've got a BA in art, I've got a good science background, and got that degree faster by CLEPing out 8 hours of chemistry.

I'd like to take a moment to thank Mrs. Isbell for that.

I think critically, and I'm fully aware that even I can slip up. If I do, don't hesitate to bring in the rolled-up newspapers and pummel me on the nose.

My pet peeves:

Bad grammar (especially those morons who don't know what an apostrophe is, but still use it)
Interesting Ian
Religious intrusion on government
Governmental intrusion on religion (which includes the government telling people who they can and can't marry)
Deities who act like mob bosses, exchanging "protection" for "respect" (See also: Pat Robertson's god.)
Marketing buzz phrases like, "Extreme," "edgy," and anything that unnecessarily starts with an X.

Things that really get me angry:

Propaganda techniques (especially straw men and stereotypes)

Some of my turn-ons:

Raw data
Non-submissive women. Skepchicks in particular.
Geometric forms
Good anime

As for my future at Rockstar Ramblings: I'll probably be posting some fairly generic stuff, like Skeptico has been doing, such as explaining common fallacies performed by the newage crowd, the nature of skepticism, as I see it, and so forth. As a regular poster at the JREF forums, I might spend a little time dissecting some of the truly stupid things the resident non-skeptics post.

-Bronze Dog


Ryan Michael said...

Yes! Another evil critical thinker to take over the world with!

Right on man, this is gonna rule.

Anonymous said...


Congrats on the additional blogger.

I agree with you about apostrophes. Check out The Apostrophe Protection Society - it even won an Ig Nobel prize!

Bronze Dog said...

Thanks for the greetings.

-Small note on apostrophes: I'm willing to forgive using it in things like "CD's", but for pluralizing complete words: Hell, no.

Michael Bains said...

Yo B'Dawg! Good to taste new blood, and on the Rockin' Rambler's page to boot!

As you can tell, I do be diggin' whackin' apostrophetic. Sorry cat, er, Bronze Dawg. I did dig Twain's colloquiality of expression as well, so tend to write the way I speak when hangin' with me buds y budlettes.

Grammatical Correctness is, none-the-less and despite superficiality of appearance (what the ..?,) a staple of my style. It's just not the only stock in which I'm invested.

I'm looking forward to the continuing inevitability of enjoyment of this here blogspot. So, pick the nits man. There're plenty of 'em!


Rev. Bob said...

Welcome to one of my favorite blogs, Dawg.

A quibble: there's all kinds of creationists. Some of them are even intellectually respectable. The ones I think you're talking about are Recent Creationists. You know, the folks who think the earth was created somewhere around 4004 BCE?

What's more, Recent Creationists would dearly love to take over the whole "creationist" category for themselves, pretty much the way conservative fundamentalist or charismatic evangelical Protestant Christians grabbed "Christian" for themselves.

Since these guys really are Recent Creationists, and since they absolutely hate being called Recent Creationists, it seems like a no-brainer to me.

Bronze Dog said...

Yeah, I'm probably being just a little too broad in that category. Typically, I don't have problems with "god in the gaps"-type Creationists, so long as they don't try to manufacture gaps like Behe, or advocate against trying to fill the real ones.

Young-Earth Creationists, the 6-day 4004 BC types, are the really silly ones. No reasoning with them. Or at least none that I've seen evidence for.

Ryan Michael said...

Yo Rev. Bob -

Thanks for the compliment dude!