Thursday, June 29, 2006

Let's Talk About Intelligent Design

I doubt anyone of consequence will notice this entry, but I'd like someone to explain Intelligent Design to me. I'm pretty sure that I know what ID is, but lots of people have said that I don't understand it. Such allegations are usually followed up by A) cookie-cutter fallacious ramblings on what's wrong with evolution, B) a description of exactly what I think ID is, C) a subject change, or D) crickets.

So, if you'd like to tell me exactly what Intelligent Design is, how it works, and what supporting evidence you have for it, feel free to drop me something in the comments or my gmail account.

Some things you should know beforehand:

1. I won't tolerate attempts to change the subject. Evolution is not the subject of this blog entry/challenge: ID is.

2. If you're going to make an argument from probability, be sure you've double-checked your math and its premises. I've got a fully-loaded MarkCC, and I'm not afraid to use him.

3. If you're going to use the terms "Specified Complexity" or "Irreducible Complexity" be sure that you can define and detect them.

4. Please don't rant about materialism and things it allegedly can't cover.

5. Please don't rant about how beliefs affect morality. Reality is what it is, regardless of how we respond to knowing a thing or two about it. Or thinking we know a thing or two about it.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, tricky. Let's see if I can help.

1. What is Intelligent Design?
A. A load of fetit dingo's kidneys.

2. How does it work.
A. Well, it doesn't, God does (see next answer for reasons.)

3. What supporting evidence exists for it?
A. Well, none. A fact that is rarely mentioned by pedlars of woo...

Did I help? I think I covered it all off quite nicely.

Excelent post...:-)

Anonymous said...

Things are too complex everywhere to have ocured as a result of chance.

The complexity ocurred in at least one place as a result of chance, and the result of that took it upon itself to nurture other designs that were like itself and furthered complex lifeforms.

Anonymous said...

I may not be "anyone of consequence" but i have long been a lurker at various science and feminist blogs.

I wanted to take this (slightly drunken) oppertunity to say that I dont think your site gets enough comments and attention based on the quality of your writing and your arguments. I realize this thread is long dead, but felt like adding my 2 cents anyway. Please continue to put forth the same level of passion and insightfullness as I enjoy your blog tremendously.