Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pointless Fun: The Animated Series

It's been a while since I've run one of these. Been dinkering around with some console games, rather than online flash, indie games and such, but I've found some decent stuff. No pointless 3D CGI in this edition.

Hey, Stinkoman! Everyone says you're The Guy. I Wanna Be The Guy, too!: Like the TIGSource says, it's really hard. I haven't gotten the full version, yet, but I've watched some videos. Warning: This guy gets IWBTG-genic coprolalia down the line, so you may want to turn down the audio if there are sensitive ears about.

Synapsis: Kind of a Myst-like game where you're apparently stuck inside your own head. I'm stuck at the moment, but that was just my first ride through. I'll be giving it another shot, soon. Beat it.

ZunderFury: Nice little Flash shooter.

Hat tip to Nodwick for most of the links.

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