Friday, March 21, 2008

Link Dump of Awesome

Yesterday, all I could do was laugh at the story. PZ had his very own Crowning Moment of Awesome last night, and word spread quickly of the abject stupidity of the Expellers. An update followed. I had to avoid reading anything this morning, since giggle fits tend to attract attention, and I work in the same building as a lot of fundies. I'll be spending my time today catching up on the massive comments in a lot of these entries, since the blogosphere is just filled to the brim with wit from my fellow skeptics, and my brother reports that the trolls have been marinating themselves in weaksauce, today.

Anyway, here's the links as I come across them. Expect the list to update, and feel free to point to your favorites if I missed them.

PZ's daughter reviews the movie. Go, Skatje!

Link love from Orac, Skeptico, Action Skeptics, The Bad Astronomer, Panda's Thumb (Cross-post), Denialism, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Greg Laden, Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes, Memoirs of a Skepchick (With update), Millard Fillmore's Bathtub, Rev. BigDumbChimp (with update), The Barefoot Bum, The Uncredible Hallq, and more to likely come.

And, you can just look at the Technorati thingamjig.

(NSFW) First-hand account.

Whiny apologetics, spin, and lies:

Kevin Miller: Made of weak.

Some guy called Jimmy Everystreet: Full of contradictions and backpedals from the supportive IDiots. I love this comment tearing one of them up:

Stewart, please help me with the process for invitation and expulsion.

First this man was “apparently hustling and bothering several invited attendees, apparently trying to disrupt the viewing or sneak in.”

Then “He didn’t cause a disruption per se; he was kindly escorted out.” The reason for the escort - “It was obvious he was being kicked out by theatre management because he was not invited nor was he on the pre-submitted list.”

How did management know who was invited and who was on the pre-submitted list? Was there a difference between being invited and being on the pre-submitted list? Were people who filled out the online RSVP not actually invited? How did they know they were not invited if they filled out the online RSVP?

You say, “Management then approached the man, asked him if he had a ticket…” So one guy was asked about a ticket, but not his family or Dawkins? Or anyone else? But the RSVP site says IDs will be checked, not have your ticket ready…

So this guy’s family and Dawkins were invited and/or on the pre-submitted list? If not, why were they not kindly escorted out? How did management know that he was crashing, but not know his family and Dawkins were crashing?

Do the producers warn people the RSVP is not the presubmitted list or an invitation? Can we expect more people to be kindly escorted out of future showings?

You would have been better off sticking with the “apparently hustling and bothering several invited attendees, apparently trying to disrupt the viewing or sneak in” story.

Expect me to link to Expelled's inevitable (but apparently very long delayed) spin on things.


Bing said...

The whole PZ story makes me simultaneously happy and pissed.

Fantastic. I'm so mad.


Bing said...

FYI, the story has been picked up at the New York Times.