Friday, May 23, 2008

No Need for Commentary, But Here Comes Some Anyway

You've probably seen PZ's post by now, but I'm still catching up on what the people on my blogroll have been doing. It contains a link to one Bible story that the cartoonist could do with almost no editorializing.

I wonder if some fundie troll is going to come in here and try to justify the use of Summon Nature's Ally III to murder 42 children for a few minor insults. Of course, I'm reminded of another Bible horror story (in this case, horror mitigated by Lego presentation) of the would-be blood sacrifice of a sentient being that's commonly the subject of apologia, and a successful blood sacrifice that seems to get skipped, at least from what I've seen thus far.

I remember some fundie who showed up at Orac's once (I'll need to dig for a link, unless one of you remembers where it happened) who tried to pin some vague pro-sacrifice moral relativism on us secularists. I think it'd be especially funny if he ended up in this thread, trying to defend his God's demands.

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