Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Patriotic Explosion Day

As Ozy and Millie phrased it.

I was planning on posting something patriotic, but you know how things have been going over here. I could go on about the wonderful ideals our government is falling far short of these days, but that can get depressing when you compare the ideal with reality. At the least, I'll use this space for a rare strictly political comment thread. And it's WILD, so very little of the comment policy applies.


Anonymous said...

Eh, too bad the country's in too bad shape to really be able to celebrate it properly. :(

In any case, happy fireworks!

Anonymous said...

Meh. One could argue that the USA has fallen far short of its supposed ideals since its very inception. At least more people are starting to notice now.

Don said...

What we need is a Thomas Jefferson to repeal our Alien and Sedition Acts. So to speak.