Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Day of Doggerel

It's coming Monday, August 31. I've been pretty wonky lately with my medications causing insomnia and drowsiness, respectively. Thankfully, I've been on a bit of a summer break, mostly worrying about decorating my place and poking some trolls here and there. Anyway, I'm going to be doing a total of 10 Doggerel entries on Monday to try and simulate a full day's work, to get my biological clock back to normal. Here's the planned schedule.

#191: "Genius"
#192: "Go Look at [Woo's] Research, Yourself!"
#193: "There are Lots of Frauds Out There!"
#194: "I've Seen More Than You!"
#195: "You're Just Denying the Facts!"
#196: "Anomaly"
#197: "Unprofessional/Immature"
#198: "Look it Up Yourself!"
#199: "Straw Man!"
#200: "You Just Want to Tear Everything Down!"

As you can probably guess from the links, the Day has come and gone. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you stretch first and stay hydrated.

Keep your back straight when doing any heavy lifting and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Looking forward to your work.

MWchase said...

At some point after you're done with that, would you consider working on game design stuff in some fashion?

Subtext: I'm trying to seriously work on my own game project and am annoyed at my lack of progress as of late.