Sunday, January 31, 2010

129th Skeptics' Circle

It's up at the SkeptVet's Blog.

Open thread as usual, except taking me there is FORBIDDEN!


djfav said...

Don't tell BD, but we're taking him to the V-E-T because he's got F-L-E-A-S.

Heh. Dogs can't spell.

Anyway, I was going to shamelessly link to my new track, Robo Electro, and my new group, Sample Librarians, but I decided against it. Oh, wait...

MWchase said...

I've poked about this a few times in the past few weeks, but what's the status on game development stuff? I've posted this big long rambling suggestion in one of the hidden forums, and everything!

I've also got another idea that I'm trying to flesh out, but getting distracted.