Friday, February 12, 2010


I've got a real case of it concerning a member of the Mercury Militia over on one of Akusai's videos.

I've worked up a nice sweat dealing with that troll. I need to take a shower.


djfav said...

I'm reminded of another xkcd comic about YouTube comments.

Don said...

Yeah, it's about that level of stupid.

Just recently, she apologized for calling me a moron, after pretending that she never had when it was the very first thing she said.

Dark Jaguar said...

Sometimes I get really evil thoughts. Sometimes I think it would be funny to spread new and idiotic "defenses" of various quack ideas just to see how good the "uptake" on them would be. For example: I wonder if the global warming denialists would be partial to believing that the reason we observe temps trending upwards is because our measuring "standard" has slipped over the centuries since, say, Celsius, was first defined, that is that modern "30 degrees" is the past's "25 degrees" or something. Funny thing is, to assume that sort of conclusion, they'd first have to at least admit that the measurements themselves actually exist and were accurately taken.

Sometimes I feel like the guy with the hat in XKCD.