Friday, June 18, 2010

Bombs Away!

My brother's been feeling creative lately, so I'm plugging his latest creation:

Pop over and vote it up if you like.


djfav said...

I guess everyone only surfs the web at work. :p

Anyway, I'm looking for some constructive criticism.

I might decide to get certification as a video technician, among other things, at the local community college.

My next video will include recent footage from NASA of shuttle missions and the international space station.

If anyone wants to know more about what exactly I'm doing, I'd be glad to answer as best I can.

djfav said...

That didn't take long. Had to put my laptop in the freezer to render this one.

Next I'm going to raid the internet archive once more for all their old burlesque show videos.

djfav said...

I obviously have nothing better to do.


djfav said...


djfav said...

Okay, here's something completely different. Space Angel Plays Gradius. It's a video mashup of an old cartoon and some gameplay. And it might actually be funny. New lines are welcome. Sequels are possible.

Anonymous said...

DJFav, I really like this video, and the music is danceable too.
Nicely done.


djfav said...

Thanks, Sarah! If you're interested, I remixed the music for the video by stuttering it here.