Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tabloid Facepalm

Just a small post, hopefully to help me get back into the swing of blogging. I used to strive to average at least a post a day. Anyway, onto an observation:

Yesterday, when I was buying some Dr Pepper bottles I saw a tabloid at the checkout line (I think it was National Enquirer or something like that) with the fake Kenyan Obama birth certificate on the front page. It's bad enough that printed media was writing an article on that hoax, presumably without any reference to the myriad deliberate anachronisms, but it's just sad that they were reacting as if they had just now read about it on their Twitter feed.

...Sounds like what I've seen of Glenn Beck, actually.


Dark Jaguar said...

I used to hear all the time that tabloids are "all just good fun" and "no one takes them seriously". Unfortunately, there are some who DO take them seriously. These are the sorts who think that if it wasn't true, it wouldn't be in a news paper. I have a hard time thinking of the sort of regular customer of a tabloid that just enjoys it "for the jokes". That sort of humor runs dry rather quickly for me at least.

Thursday said...

They do know their target audience, though, don't they? After all, the only people who would buy these are ones who aren't quite sure how to use a computer...