Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Not Liking Ike

Looking more direct than other hurricanes I've faced. So, any advice on just how much I should panic? I'm around the outer rim of the light purple hurricane watch region, and it looks like I'll be dealing with 75+ mph winds.

In the meantime, I'll be charging up all my battery-powered stuff since Rita took down the local grid for a few days, last time.


Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

you shuld be fine. 75mph isn't horrid. You could get some light damage and such. Power out, some branches and maybe trees down. I mean it depends on your neighborhood.

Make sure all the stuff that you can pick up out side, lawn furniture, grill etc.. is either tied down well or stored away.

i mean it's nothing to take lightly but 75mph is just barely hurricane strength winds.

Do you know if that is supposed to be sustained or gusts to 75mph?

Bronze Dog said...

I'm getting some conflicts between different weather sources online. According to Google's weather thingy, I'm going to be getting gusts of just 30 MPH.

Oh well. Guess this'll just end up being like Rita.

Bronze Dog said...

Correction: I was looking at midday Friday. Friday night, I'll be getting 35-45 sustained with 65 mph gusts.

Bronze Dog said...

Yet another update: Looks like it's going to be worse still on Saturday, getting up to 65 sustained and 80 mph gusts.

Anonymous said...

Hurricanes are pretty shitty no matter what. I live on the northeast coast of florida and recently dealt with Fay. She was only a tropical storm but she seemed to like it here so she hung around for a day or so. A few areas around town had major wind damage, and there was a lot of flooding. I've lived in Florida for 13 or so years so I'm quite used to the storms we get but when they're larger than a category 2 I get pretty worried.

If Ike moves through your area relatively quickly I wouldn't be too concerned about much damage (depending on the trees/structures where you live) but you probably will lose electricity, even if for only a short time. Be sure you have water and flashlights and stuff and stay inside! Most people die from getting hit by debris flying by them cuz they went outside.

If its not too bad, its always an excuse for a hurricane party!

Stay safe!

King of Ferrets said...

Meh, you probably have it better than me. From what I understand (ie what my mom told me because I'm too lazy to watch the news), all I have between me and Ike is Galveston and its coming straight for me. You probably have more.

Bronze Dog said...

Oy. I'll turn all my d20's over to 20 for your sake. Suspect you'll need all the luck you can get.

Anonymous said...

Muffin is right. The debris blown by the wind is very dangerous. If your still on line. Check out your local National Weather Service. You can link to it by going to storm prediction center at click on "national RADAR" on the left. It brings up a map, place your cursor over where you are and click. The NWS radar for your area comes up and it's home page is the link at the top left of the radar. They are probably updating every 3-5 minutes now.

If you have a radio that picks up NOAA or a weather alert radio it's easier. Usually a synth voice that reads what is typed to it--typos and all. Broadcasts go live if the weather gets rough. Probably live now. Not sure where you are. Houston/Galveston area actually has 6 broadcast areas so there is probably overlap signal. Plenty to listen to.