Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring Break in Review

I made a promise to myself to make a post a day during Spring Break, even though I'm not really getting to enjoy it: Full time non-school job. My brother was going to come over, but apparently his boss rescheduled at the last minute or something. He's got a philosophy degree, and knows his way around logical fallacies and propaganda techniques even better than I do. Anyway, for the sake of convenience, here are links to the various entries I've done over the past week:

Sunday: Dog Treats #1
Monday: In the Doghouse #1
Tuesday: Gone to the Dogs #1
Wednesday: Stupid God Tricks #1
Thursday: Image Dogtoring #1
Friday: Doggerel #1
Originally planned for Saturday: Dogfight #1.

As you can guess, these are all the first parts in some series I've thought up.

"Dog Treats" is where I ramble on some topic, wherever it goes. "In the Doghouse" involves me presenting an idea for you, the readers, to eviscerate. "Gone to the Dogs" deals with people descending to the dark ages. "Stupid God Tricks" was originally intended to be about divine pareidolia and other useless "miracles," but I got a little inspired on something else. "Image Dogtoring" was inspired by someone's MST3King of Jack Chick, a man with absolutely no connection to reality. "Doggerel" was an old idea of mine, deflating overused, misused, or just plain meaningless words and phrases.

For "Dogfight," I intend to perform an imaginary interview with Michael Behe, the propeller head. I didn't work on it today, since I needed some rest. Anyone with good Behe quotes to make fun of, please speak up now. It'll save me some trouble weeding through his nonsense for gems of anti-wisdom.

Thanks go to IAMB, the anonymous pooflinger for linking to one of my entries.


Anonymous said...

He's got a philosophy degree, and knows his way around logical fallacies and propaganda techniques even better than I do.

How is Mycroft, anyway?

Oh. Er, long time fan, first time poster (The Chick parody is going on my door). *weak smile*

Bronze Dog said...

Nope. The correct answer is "strawman". But we've got some lovely parting gifts for you...

Glad you liked my thing. :) ...Just how public is that door of yours?

Anonymous said...

Not very, I'm afraid. But if I get the opportunity I will hand out copies as counter tracts.

You may get a kick out of knowing I once showed the original to my sister. Until I showed her your version, she thought Chick's was already a parody.

I do not understand your first line at all. If it is meant to be in response to the 'Mycroft' remark, that is intended as a high compliment. Mycroft is the brother of Sherlock Holmes and supposedly his superior in intellect but does not engage in the detective work which made Sherlock famous. You, by implication are the great detective himself, a tribute to your skill in sniffing out logical fallacies and propaganda techniques.

I suppose it could be taken as insulting since Mycroft is disengaged from the world due to laziness but I did not intend it that way and if it was taken as so, I apologise. But after all that I have no better insight into why you typed what you did so maybe I have been haring off in completely the wrong direction. The sensible thing to do would be to ask for an explanation.

Bronze Dog said...

I thought you were thinking someone with the alias "Mycroft" was my brother. My brother goes by "strawman" when he visits the blogosphere.