Thursday, August 09, 2007

It Hurts When I Laugh

I've bumped into a fair bit of weird stuff on my primary blogs. This is stuff so weird it hurts, and yet hilarious that it occurs. So here's a link dump, largely Pharyngula stuff that caught my attention:

Apparently God needs some copyright lawyers.

My brother sent me something before PZ got some brain damage from reading it. It's filled with so many painful howlers it's just hard to know where to get started.

BlogWarBot: Just in case the troll population runs low, I can keep in practice against a different unthinking, evasive entity.

It's always our fault: Woman claims that our debunking of religion leads people into newage stuff, which we also oppose. Funny, it was amoral "torture is okay" fanatics that led me away from organized religion. One of them ending up a Sunday School teacher was the last straw and marked the last time I went to church. It was all the skeptics like Randi that she rails against that led me to rejecting all the newage crap along with religion in general. There's no real difference.

Funny, not painful: The Unicorn Museum. If the Cretinists get equal time, so should the IPU (May Her hooves never be shod). It's only fair, if you're going to disregard merit as a measure of time. ...Anyone know a spaghetti museum?

This is painful without any funny.