Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Skeptics' Circle Reminder

Well, you've got about a week to get those posts in order! First tier deadline is Tuesday, August 14th, at midnight. Trust me, it'll be cooler if you submit before then. Those past that deadline, well, it'll be merely nifty. Keen, tops.

Anyway, here's where you send the stuff:


Arthur Figgis said...

Mr. Bronze Dog: I stumbled across your blog and noticed that you seem able to hide a large post, leaving only a preview on the main page which can be clicked to reveal the full post. As I am utterly incompetent at all matters technical, please enlighten me on how this is done. It's not covered in the "help" links. Thank you.

Arthur Figgis

Bronze Dog said...

You may want to check with Infophile or Akusai. They can probably explain it better than I can.

Don said...

Hmm...Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I'm afraid that I don't remember how I did it. I remember only that it came from Hackosphere and was called "Peekaboo Posts." Hope that helps.