Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Foamin' and Flamin'

PZ's got a more complete post on the subject. This will largely be a rant on my part. The quick summary: A teacher, to "instruct" students in electricity branded them with a device that left crosses in their skin. They apparently hurt for a long time. One set of religious parents feared bringing the issue up because they expected retaliation.

Seriously. What the hell is wrong with the world? If he branded students with pentagrams, he'd be treated like a psychopath (which, by the way, seems quite appropriate). If he branded them with atheist A's, he'd be treated like a Nazi. If he did it with any other religious symbol, you'd have fundies going crazy, claiming that this is a Christian nation and other people don't have the right to do that sort of thing if they aren't Christian. And yet, instead of going directly to court, followed immediately by prison, this guy is allowed to keep teaching (but hopefully not for much longer), all because he's a Christian fundie.

When did fundies start thinking that the rule of law amounts to persecution? The law should treat people the same, regardless of religion. But apparently people like me, who believe in the rule of law, or more simply, fairness, are demonized for it. Fucking anarchists. And by "fucking anarchists," I generally refer to people who believe law should be abolished because it lets them get away with more. I respect the intentions (if not necessarily intelligence) of real anarchists who just believe government is an unnecessary evil. I think much of it is a necessary evil to prevent worse, unnecessary ones. I can't respect fucking anarchists who see law and order designed for the common good as something to be opposed for being personally inconvenient to them.

I should really start calling fundies who demand special treatment and double standards fucking anarchists more often. Whenever I see a fundie commit a crime and gets protection from the fundie masses because he's a fundie, and not because he's innocent, that's exactly what I think of them: They're fucking anarchists who want to tear down the common good and the rights of the minorities for the sake of their own selfishness.

Fucking anarchists.


Anonymous said...

I disagree with you about calling them anarchists. Anarchists usually(?) want government dismantled completely. These fucktards like the rules, they love the rules, they just think the rules don't apply to them.

For example, "When we do it, that means it's not illegal. But when you do it, boy howdy we're gonna fuck you with the system. Repeatedly."

Anonymous said...

Another disagreement with describing them as anarchists. It's really not fair to anarchists to tar them with association with this sort of lunacy. Plus it's completely inaccurate - anarchy means "without leaders", not "without law" or "without governance". Fundies are generally really big on following leaders, whereas (respectable) anarchists are usually proponents of social contract theory.

I believe "assholes" is the word you are looking for.