Monday, April 14, 2008

Sit! Stay! Good Blog. #7

Took a look at my blog traffic today (about half of my previous average, probably thanks to irregular posting), and noticed King of Ferrets has a place of his own, now. I haven't known him for that long, but saw him doing a lot of commenting over at Skeptico. It's good to have more young skeptics about. Hope he does well in the blogosphere.


King of Ferrets said...

Thanks for the plug, it seems to have accounted for the majority of my traffic since you posted it. Amazing how a plug can jump your visits by an extra 50 in a day.

Bronze Dog said...

You're welcome. Whole point of this stuff is to encourage new blogs I find.

King of Ferrets said...

One note: Ferrets don't obey commands like "sit" and "stay" like a dog does in my experience. Yelling their names seems to work to deter them for a bit though.