Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Retorts to #71

I was reading some posts today when I hit a weird place in regards to Doggerel #71: "Fundamentalist Atheist" and how silly it is. So, to highlight the silliness, I was thinking of starting a thread here to get a nice list of retorts to variants, including things like "militant." So, here goes:

1. Oh, yeah, we're so militant that if you keep preaching, we'll publish a few more strongly worded books! The horror!

2. Oh, yeah, we're so fundamentalist and unpatriotic we'll cheer when a judge stands up for the founding principles of our nation designed to protect the weak and the minority.

3. Oh, yeah, we're so militant we'll sit here posting snarky, irreverent comments while your felonious friends email death threats to the guy running this blog.

4. Oh, yeah, we're so militant that we react with horror to threats of violence against people while your friends issue them for "violence" against inanimate objects.

5. Oh, yeah, we're so fundamentalist, we're forced to rely on nature itself to provide us with years of verifiable experimental data, solid genetic information, and other lines of evidence that match up in every branch of science. That's so much worse than blindly trusting in one book that contradicts itself as well as visible reality.

So, think that should be enough to get some of you started.


Lab Boy said...

Oh yeah, I'm so militant, I'll buy you another beer so you'll keep talking and give me more material for an angry militant fundamentalist blog post!

Anonymous said...

Well done!

We're so militant we'll agree with you sarcastically in a way that points out how nonmilitant we are while others send comments about how they will be smiling when they "see you burning in hell".

That said, it's not like we're some huge group that obey the tennets of... I dunno, God Is Not Great.

As an example, apparently Will Wright has been getting a bunch of complaints from what he himself is calling "militant atheists" about the inclusion of religion in Spore. I personally think that's a bit over the top. It's a fictional world. So long as he's not trying to state on the box that the game is a realistic depiction of evolution (it's much more like intelligent design, but that's a funner game to actually play than sitting back and watching random mutations so I have no issue with it) I really have no issue with it. I mean I play Zelda but I don't take issue with the presence of 3 goddesses. I think they're wrong to get so offended over a game's inclusion of religion, but seriously how is that militant?

Show me some death threats from these complainers and then I'll agree they are militant.

Anonymous said...

We're so militant Peer Review and textbooks are our favoured weapons

Clint Bourgeois said...

We're so militant that we strap bombs to our chest and walk into crowded... Oh wait, that's not us at all. Nevermind.