Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Noisy Chaff"

Today, PZ posted something that included a phrase that summarizes so many arguments I've had with woos: "Noisy Chaff."

Quite often, I ask what I think to be fundamental questions, and get brushed off so that a troll can throw more chaff into the air. Witness Gabriel suddenly spawning an interest in German history from some side remarks while we're still trying to get him to define what he's even talking about. "Straw man" accusations fall flat if you're unwilling to tell us anything.

When we ask Creationists for their evidence, they tend to continue throwing stones at evolution, geology, abiogenesis, and cosmology, rather than answer what should be an easy question.

When we ask for details about a newage (rhymes with sewage) "other way of knowing," we more often get diatribes against the scientific method.

When we ask for reasons to believe some random woo's anecdotes, we get rants about being cynics, over-analyzing, or not being "true skeptics" for failing to take what someone has seen "with his own eyes" at face value.

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