Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pointless Question #67

Whycome videogame and anime characters jump so high? [/Atrocious Grammar]


Professor Preposterous said...

Video games, cartoons, and such, are epic fantasies about characters with literally superhuman powers, including superhuman strength and stamina.

In real life, I can jump about as high as my waist, and if I trained really hard for another ten years, I could increase this to about the height of my neck. In a fictional setting, this would be lame. No "bottomless pit," as video games are wont to place, could be longer than four blocks across, or the game would be impossible. Similar with cartoons and such, where exaggeration and epic-ness are the order of the day.

This has been another pointless answer. Thanks for posting.

Dark Jaguar said...

But there comes a limit. The double jump pushes that limit to the breaking point, and Dissidia flew right over it and is still air dashing around forgetting it even exists.

Yeah that's right. In Dissidia, you can air dash REPEATEDLY. Aside from magical "So long as I'm hitting you I don't need to worry about gravity" shenanigans, a battle between two austensibly terrestrial warriors can take place entirely in the sky, WAY in the sky. It's awesome of course, but seriously, Garland and Cloud should not be floating around so much. I guess there's some sort of logic to it. It was either let everyone somehow "dash" around in the air, or fail to explain why the big magic users like Ultimecia, Kefka, and Cloud of Darkness suddenly have their wings cut.

Still it begs the question as to why chasms and other such barriers in their respective games ever presented a threat.

I guess I could defend it by saying the entire world of Dissidia is some bizarre experiment of fate itself and is powered by sheer will power of the people dragged in.

...Onion Knight's "moral" in his campaign sucked though...

Tom Foss said...

In order to make Spider-Man look superfluous and the Prince of Persia look like a pansy.

Valhar2000 said...

Jaguar, it is possible, and indeed in many games it does happen, that the pits and moats are threat to the average common folk, and that is why they are useful.

Super-strong characters like the player character are kept at bay by other means.