Friday, August 31, 2007

Funny Searches: August 2008

I started this on the 20th. That's when the first vaguely funny search showed up for this month. Let's hope weird stuff starts coming in more regularly.

The vibrations of autism: Insert joke here.

bigfoot is in fact in the game says rockstar games: Schala liiiiives!

videos of people pooping there selves: Should I be worried that my inner Grammar Nazi is more disgusted than my general squick about copraphilia?

how to make people like you using supernatural abilities: Charm Person, Innate Spell feat (with a lot of prerequisites) to turn it into a spell-like ability, and I think there was one "Supernatural Transformation" feat or similar that could turn a spell-like ability into a supernatural one, thus no longer provoking attacks of opportunity.

The God That Saves Whenever Prayed To: Off the top of my head, the Dragon God from Breath of Fire 2 does that. Be sure to do it regularly. Don't want to get creamed by some boss only to end up repeating four or five dungeons or whatever.

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