Thursday, January 05, 2006

Interesting Anagrams

Over on the LABELED Music News forum we recently started an anagram thread. We found some interesting ones using the anagram genius to make full sentences. Some anagrams of note:

Ryan Michael Whitmore (Your Rockstar) = Limey rich woman hater.

George W. Bush = He grew bogus. (ouch!)

Sadaam Hussein = A minus asshead.

United States of America = Dine out, taste a Mac; fries. (truth in anagrams)

Ariel Sharon = Oh, ran Israel. (creepy!)

Jesus Christ = Such jest sir.


Bronze Dog said...

Pat Robertson = Breast to porn.

Bronze Dog said...

Bronze Dog = Oz bog nerd.

Well, they've got me down pat.

Heathen Mike said...

"Dine out, taste a mac; fries" - that's fantastic!

Big Heathen Mike = Gin? Tab me, eh. Hike!

IAMB said...

Brigham Young = O, bury him, gang!

Priceless, if you're from my end of the world.

Michael Bains said...

'Michael Bains'
anagrams to
'His manic able.'

Doh! and double Doh!!

Way too apropot of my recent mindset!

Groovy dude!

Michael Bains said...

I forgot to mention this the first time 'round (cuz I just had to get my own anagram.)

Jesus Christ = Such jest sir.

THAT is hilarious irony! Woo Hoo! LOL!

IAMB said...

How about:

Intelligent Design = Deleting Listening

... if the shoe fits...

IAMB said...

Okay, one more:

Harvard University = I try hard an' survive

Fnatlaf said...

It's Saddam Hussein, not Sadaam.

Bronze Dog said...

For the correct spelling:

Saddam Hussein = UN's said he's mad.

Bronze Dog said...

Via Jim Daley, a commenter on Pharyngula:

Evangelist = Evil's agent.

Bronze Dog said...

Another one, via pvandck, commenting on Skeptico:

Deepak Chopra = Hako Deepcrap

Anonymous said...

James 'The Amazing' Randi generates "I'm a jesting, mean hazard." If you're a chartlan, that's true.