Thursday, January 19, 2006

[Appeal_to_Ridicule] #1

And Fore Sam's bad grades have nothing to do with the complete lack of references, data, or even showing of work.

That's what it's been like arguing with him at Prometheus's blog in the "Field Guide to Quackery" Part 2 and Bartholemew Cubbin's blog on autism. Lots of accusations, straw men, subject changes, and misrepresentations, too.

So, without further ado, a script based on our argument, and suspiciously similar to an episode of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law:


Fore Sam: Oh, no! My office has been burgled! Robbed! Purloined! Ha-ha... Loin... *buzzes on the intercom* Everyone, get in here! "Someone has stolen my baby-grand piano!"

BronzeDog: *thinking* "Was there ever a piano in here? I don't remember seeing it."

Fore Sam: "Of course there was! You can still see the dimples in the carpet where it stood... right next to the 40 foot tall gold Buddha. How dare you accuse me of never having a piano!"

BronzeDog: *Starts looking for dimples. Never finds any, since no one will point out their location in the giant office. Continues thinking,* "Now, I'm pretty sure I've never seen a 40 foot gold Buddha in here."

Fore Sam: "Of course there was a 40 foot Buddha in here. How dare you accuse me of never having one! And keep your thoughts to yourself, BronzeDog!" *sniff* "I'm a victim."


BronzeDog: "Uh, sir, can you show me a photo of the piano and gold buddha? And have you considered you might have just misplace-"

Fore Sam, interrupting: "BronzeDog! I can't believe what I'm hearing!" *gets in BronzeDog's face.* "Do you support the thief?!"

BronzeDog: "N-no, I just want to make sure there isn't another explanation."

Fore Sam: "Well, I don't want to hear any more of these photograph or misplacement sophistries. All you need to see is my empty office to know that my stuff was stolen."


On second thought, would that merely be a reducto ad absurdum?

[Appeal_to_Ridicule] #1.0
[Appeal_to_Ridicule] #1.1


Michael Bains said...

... photograph or misplacement sophistries.

LMAO! Yah, that pesky lack of evidence for something's existence sure is annoying!

What's wrong with you BDog??? LOL!


Bronze Dog said...

I love the "sophistry" hand-waving he does. He comes up with unfalsifiable conspir- I mean "politics" assumptions of Big Pharma's ability to suppress research all over the planet, subject changes, and accusations, but never discusses the issue, other than shouting his conclusion over and over.

Yet, when I propose simple methods of testing the chelation hypothesis against reality, I'm a "sophist."

Bartholomew Cubbins said...

man, I thought my crack about getting a thesaurus would have changed that but 50 posts later, the "s" word was still used repeatedly.

btw, I have to compliment you on your aerobic training, my hands would have given out and I would have hit my VO2max yet you were going strong. Good stuff.

Bronze Dog said...

I had the muscles in my vocal cords surgically removed and grafted onto my hands. It helps a lot.

bar said...

At last, a sympathetic audience.

All I say is that Global Warming is only 90% probability 50% caused anthropic, and everyone calls me a "denier".

They say that they are a majority, (and castigate anybody who challenges that assertion), so that makes me a denier.

I expect, like the neo-nazis in Germany have done to those who challenge the holocaust, that it will soon be illegal to challenge the new orthodoxy.


Bronze Dog said...

1. This post is about vaccines.

2. Godwin.

3. Censorship is, as you imply correctly, wrong.

4. Don't presume that passion will lead to such extremes as the unethical counter-Holocaust denial measures.

5. I suspect those probabilities came from your posterior.

Anonymous said...

I expect, like the neo-nazis in Germany have done to those who challenge the holocaust, that it will soon be illegal to challenge the new orthodoxy.

Ummm, what? The neo-nazis have banned holocaust denial?

Methinks you are somewhat confused.