Thursday, January 05, 2006

Skeptic's Circle Number 25, uh, I Think

The 25th meeting of the Skeptic's Circle is up at The Saga of Runolfr. Go there to find out about all types of new and used horseshit that's making it's way around the world.

Lord Runolfr uses some pretty cool avatars for the different bloggers. I can't seem to figure out mine though ---------------->

Who the hell is that guy? I think it's someone from "The 13th Warrior" or something like that. I thought it was Steven from "Braveheart", but it's not.

Our buddy Skeptico got my favorite character from "The 13th Warrior", Hergard the Joyous. Apparently in the Skeptical blogging world, Skeptico gets to be the one guy that lives to save the day, and Your Rockstar is "Guy Who Gets Killed in the Beginning of the Movie Number 5".

Wait. Just got it. I'm Weath the Musician. Who said Rockstarring required a brain...


Bronze Dog said...

At least you're in the thing. Oh well, I'll get my chance, eventually.

Ryan Michael said...

Hey, just write an article you'd like to submit for the next one and we'll use that for our blog's entry. You can read the rules at the official site. (if you didn't already know.)

Bronze Dog said...

Okay. Haven't really paid attention to the whole thing, but I suppose I should start.