Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11, Five Years Later

I've been having a hard time articulating my thoughts about 9/11, so this post'll have plenty of links to other people's thoughts as they come in:

Orac's thoughts.

One of the things that irritates me is the crowd of conspiracy nuts. Screw Loose Change is one of the good groups out there to take a stand for truth and logic. Here's some notable items of theirs:

A post detailing the big problem with massive coverups. Here's a good quote from the comment section:
Nutbar: "Well, the NIST "report" cost 20 million so that buys a LOT of "experts" (paid liars) and I'm sure you'd be happy with a fraction of that."

default.xbe: "its a general agreement among CTers that everyone has their price, and generally its assumed that prise is pathetically low

so ill ask a question ive asked before:

whats your price nessie? how much to buy you out so you never speak of the "truth" again?

if everyone has their price you must have one too, and if you are "above" that, why do you assume no one else is?"
One wonders how anyone could bankroll a world-wide super-conspiracy.

There's also this site, via Screw Loose Change.

There's also the Loose Change Viewer's Guide by Gravy of the JREF Forums.


Anonymous said...

In the spirit of "never forget", I try to make it down to the WTC site every time I'm in New York, which isn't very often. Twice, in fact, since the 9/11 attacks.

The first time I went was the summer of last year. I went down to New York for a concert, but since I was alone and too cheap to rent a room I decided to just wander around after the concert and see what I could find. There's just something so visceral about standing on the site now and looking at this great, gaping hole in the ground. But the hole in the ground isn't nearly so dramatic as the hole in the skyline. New York almost doesn't look like New York anymore without the WTC, and it feels so weird to stand on the spot and remember looking down from the observation deck at the people below and realising that the place where I stood all those years ago is gone forever.

The second time I went was during the day, in the middle of afternoon. It was a mistake. The thing that struck me this time was the horde of bloodsuckers swarming around the wreckage of the greatest human tragedy our nation has faced in our generation, seeling trinkets. What a complete disgrace to the memories of those people who died! I swear, I never came so close to assaulting another person as I did on that day.

Humans disgust me sometimes.

TheBrummell said...

Pointless Waste of Time ( has a nice condensed version of an anti-CT rant. He presents two sides to the story (perhaps not the two you think). Highly entertaining.

I've never been to New York. Sooner or later I probably will, likely for some reason completely unrelated to 9/11. I shall have to remember to visit the site at some time NOT mid-afternoon.

Joshua, you probably would not have been formally charged had you assaulted (non-lethally) someone selling *&@#%&* trinkets. I wonder how the NYPD feels about those vendors?