Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Well, I Gotta Blog Something.

There's plenty of other blog entries out there I could link to, but I don't quite feel like it. Think staying in the computer lab late the last two nights took it out of me. Also not quite in the mood for original skeptical blogging. So, I'll talk about one other topic I enjoy with a side of masochism: Videogames.

Well, the PS3 and Wii come out here in November. Better start bulking up my bank account again.

For the Wii, there's no contest: I need Zelda and Samus in order to have fun with my Wii... Does that still sound dirty? Mario Galaxies sounds like it could be fun, since I've been itching for another platformer. Curious about all the interesting things they'll program for the motion sensor in the controller. I was skeptical at first, but since it looks like they won't be half-hearted in their commitment to that sensor, I've gotten over that.

I'll probably delay on getting the PS3: The launch titles just don't catch my attention. I'll likely be holding out for Armored Core 4. Hope the guys at From decide to go full-on with the motion sensor in the PS3 controller like Nintendo: One of my biggest troubles with the AC: Nexus block is mixing together either dual analog, or the single analog with look up/down as buttons. If they can shift turn right/left and look up/down to the motion sensor, I'll probably be able to jump right in.

At least I'll likely be able to enjoy Okami for now, once I get it, as well as that soon-to-be-downgraded PSP on its way here.


Anonymous said...

I'm seriously looking at the Wii, though apparently my wife wants the PS3 bad enough to overlook it costing about 2.5x as much...

Hell, I might just fuck 'em both and finally go for the 360. You heard about the new deal Sakaguchi (FF creator) has signed with MS? Two exclusive RPGs, with one becoming a launch title for Japan's 360 launch in December. Then I get Oblivion as well...

It's so hard of a choice!

Oh, and while we're doing a semi-open thread business, exactly what RPGs do you play, Bronze? I know you get some Core D&D on, but do you experiment with any of the Monte Cook stuff like Arcana Evolved or Iron Heroes? And what are your thoughts on some of the new stuff coming out of Wizards with Mike Mearls as designer (PHB2, Nine Swords, more to come...)?

Bronze Dog said...

Little bit of good news I just heard: Seems the PS3's base cost has lowered a bit, to about $410 in Japan for the 20 Gig HD model. Probably going to translate over to the US.

I'll be sure to take a look at Sakaguchi's stuff. Never bothered with the original Xbox. Was interested in Steel Batalion, but paying >$100 for a controller to a game I'm not absolutely sure I'd enjoy is a bit much.

Paper & Pen RPGs: I stick mostly with the core D&D and suppliments, rather than campaign settings, though I do sometimes take out interesting snippets. I do have some of Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed, though I haven't really used it.

I've got PHB2 and Nine Swords. Pretty good, though in 9S, I would like them to change up Desert Wind style: Little too much emphasis on pyrotechnics.

Burning swords? Fine.

A 3rd level strike that causes the target blow up, causing nearby fire damage? A bit much.

Overall, I haven't gotten to do a lot of experimenting: Mostly do 1-PC games with a DM online these days.