Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sit! Stay! Good Blog. #3

Via the 43rd Skeptics' Circle, I learn of the existence of the Action Skeptics. They have a little fun with ad homenims and non-ad homenims while showing plenty of link love. They had some piratical fun at a university, too.

So... Sit! Stay! Good blog.

Meanwhile, pardon me while I freak out. I dropped my PSP. Now the power switch is loose and unresponsive. :(

UPDATE on PSP: Seems I can get it fixed for $59 by getting the power system replaced... Or I can hope that the power switch was all that was broken and replace that myself for $10, shiping and handling, and a little labor... (Seems the whole power system is broken, not just the switch: The charger doesn't make the light come on.) Or I can hope that I can keep a low winning bid on eBay for a 1.50 firmware PSP for the next 3 days, 5 hours.


Anonymous said...

Link love from Bronze Dog is always an honor. Hell, if it wasn't for your Doggerel posts, I might not have gotten into this racket in the first place. Keep those up. They rock. And buy yourself a DS. They're sturdier. And you can play "Phoenix Wright."

Bronze Dog said...

Wow. Glad to know my humble little blog is having an impact.

Already got a DS. It doesn't play mp3s, hook up to my laptop, or have any possible cell phone or GPS attachments I may someday bootleg from Japan.

But it's still a fun toy.