Friday, October 31, 2008

The Civility Double Standard

I'm sick of apologists and pseudo-moderates coming into skeptical threads spouting the typical hateful propaganda about skeptics, misrepresenting arguments, pretending to know our psychology despite having no experience with us, and then asking us to be respectful.

The double-standard is sickening. Granted, I delve into what I perceive to be woo psychology, but at least I learned from personal experience with woo trolls and reading woo arguments. They "learn" about us from Hollywood and what other woos who don't pay attention say about us. They complain we don't understand them, and when I spend several posts trying to get a guy to explain his position, he instead spends it spouting off more Hollywood propaganda while his apologist friends try to claim I'm either silencing him by asking for more information or that being rude in response to rudeness is so much more important than getting on with the debate.

Apparently they don't like it when we try to get on with the debate. They want to stall by complaining about past rudeness, and when we complain about the stalling, they just keep on going. I've always suspected trolls who post for shits and giggles are much rarer than most people suspect, but I think it's time to reconsider that position.

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S.M. Elliott said...

I'm sick of seeing "wake up".
If we were *sleeping*, we wouldn't be skeptics.