Thursday, October 30, 2008

Looks Like TV Will Suck on Halloween

Just started skimming my little TV guide for marathons, since I don't have a costume or a party to wear one at. Not really a party person anyway. I'm used to Sci-Fi running Twilight Zone marathons (of the black and white variety, when they had it down right) during holidays, but they're doing Ghost Hunters, which would probably bore me to death. Cartoon Network's doing Goosebumps, which is crap, up until canceled series and pilots on Adult Swim. Fair bit of mixed woo on History. Discovery's pretty plain-looking.

Guess I'll have to find something else to do. Suggestions?


Tom Foss said...

"Cartoon Network's doing Goosebumps, which is awesome and hilarious..."

There, I fixed it for you. Granted, I'd prefer an "Are You Afraid of the Dark" marathon on Nickelodeon, but I'll take what I can get as far as campy, goofy kids "horror" shows.

Also: this

King Aardvark said...

I recommend egging houses. Or eating all the candy that you'd otherwise hand out to children. Or just getting piss drunk in the dark or your living room. Really, there are lots of things to do. Hell, you can book a flight to Toronto to see PZ Myers speak. I'd be there, except I actually have a party to go to.

Bronze Dog said...

I'd feel silly egging houses.

Candy sounds good.

I'm a teetotaler and don't want to end up having to buy lots of varieties of beer to find one I like.

I'll probably end up playing or replaying some videogames.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm not a drinker either...

And Goosebumps is just plain annoying. Aren't they basically recycling a show from the mid 90's and pretending it's brand new while hoping kids don't notice?

Why can't they replay The Adventures of Pete and Pete? Now THAT was awesome and hilarious! I mean clearly the "Cartoon" of Cartoon Network doesn't mean anything any more, so they might as well put something cool in that show's place.

Got any relatives with kids? Find out if they need escorts! Put on a costume and carry a pillow case around. Yeah people still give you candy so long as you have kids with you. It's a brilliant scheme and free candy, it's awesome!

Bronze Dog said...

Yeah, Pete & Pete was awesome.

No extended family in the county.

Don said...

I plan on spending Halloween playing Fallout 3 before going to my work Halloween party dressed as a ninja.

Then on Saturday I'll be at a real party thrown by some of my girlfriend's friends, but as I told her, it had better be better than Fallout 3 or I'm gonna be pissed.

Clint Bourgeois said...

Best costume last year. An African American woman in a suit comes to my house carrying her young son. She has his bag and I jokingly ask who she is supposed to be. The response, "Hillary Clinton". She had me laughing pretty good.