Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just Repeating a Thought Many of Us Have Had

Arguing about theology is a lot like arguing over Minovsky physics or how Heisenberg compensators work.



MWchase said...

The theology fanboys can be worse, though.

Bronze Dog said...

Yeah. Worst I've seen are some particularly pasty Trekkies doing that turn-head-away-and-silly-slap thing. And only in cartoons.

Anonymous said...

I've always said that it's like arguing whether Santa Claus wears glasses all the time, or just for reading.

Which I guess is saying pretty much re-stating you.

King Aardvark said...

Fuck, this is so true. I'm currently attending the Alpha Course (introduction to Christianity) with my wife (ok, she forced me to go) and so much of it is like this. It's hard to get motivated and eventually you just want to punch people.

Lifewish said...

KA: you poor sod. The scary thing is how many otherwise perfectly sane Christians* can watch those videos and somehow come to the conclusion "Alpha Course: what a great idea!"

I recall my own baptism of fire quite well. Watched the first two sessions with an evangelist I'd befriended in the park**. Ow.

See, it just so happens that the very first session makes casual reference to the mountains of contemporary reports about Jesus. And it just so happened that I'd spent the previous evening browsing Wikipedia, and had inadvertently memorised most of this page.

Haven't seen that evangelist in a while. Not since I lent him "Lost Christianities", anyway.

* Discuss.
** I love conversations where people aren't allowed to tell me to bog off :)

Tom Foss said...

Agreed. With the difference being that you have to actually inform theists of the Star Trek Rule.

King Aardvark said...

Lifewish, thanks for your sympathies. I think it's the information filters they have - they don't filter any of the pro-Christianity info they receive and they immediately filter out all the anti-Christianity info. To be fair, I'll bet we atheists do similar things, but at least I can come up with a rational reason for my filter.

In a park, you say? I think you need to make better choices in your life ;-)