Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Creationist Invitational

Welcome to a comment thread where I have invited a Creationist. Or possibly several, if the first one ends up not accepting my invitation.

Drop any questions you have for me, and tell me how Creationism answers them. Expect evolution's/abiogenesis's/cosmology's answers and followup questions to Creationism's answers. (Usually asking for elaboration).


King of Ferrets said...

Did you invite Guradian of the Poll from Pharyngula? Because I think he's your stupid counterpart.

King of Ferrets said...

/poke BD with a pointy stick till he replies

Anonymous said...

Would this creationist happen to be "the most respected intellectual scientist" in Turkey, Harun Yahya?

Don't tell me that you busted him out of prison so that you could debate the " total lack of evidence for evolution" with him!

Only kidding. You'd floor Harun Yahya in two seconds. He's much too lightweight in the knowledge department, and completely out of it in the reality department too.
Don't tell me you got a mad scientist to inject Casey Luskin's prefrontal lobes with intelligence boosting serum and now he's fit to engage in rational debate with you.
Thought not.

Hope you had a happy birthday!

Bronze Dog said...

Nah, it was that invisible universe or whatever guy PZ covered a few days ago. No response, so I may start inviting others sometime.

Anonymous said...

The "Missing Universe Museum" guy. What a laugh his website is!

I love it how ceationists don't see transitional fossils, and have to make their own absurdly caricatured versions to attack.



Anonymous said...

From the Missing Universe Museum website:

"There is no evidence living or in the fossil record that Evolution tried any other number of eyes before deciding that two worked well together2

Strange...I could've sworn that I saw a multi eyed monstrosity from the Burgess shales in a Stephen Jay Gould book, Wonderful Life.
Here it is (scroll down the page)


Looks like scientific ignorance is bliss for a creationist.


MWchase said...

As I restated elsewhere, this fact really needs wider exposure: that Creation-Fall-Flood requires a ludicrous amount of 'microevolution', following the flood.