Sunday, July 12, 2009

Framing Wild Thread

I've had some time to groan over various comments from concern trolls over "framing." Yes, I know messages often need adjustment for the audience. There's no shortage of people who point that out. The big problem I have with those people is that they generally don't give constructive advice: Too often, they tell us to shut up, not what angles of approach we should use. Worse, many of them speak to my inspirations and role models as if it were impossible for them to have a positive impact on me. I tend to emulate those bloggers because they convinced me they were right, and that I could contribute to the blogosphere.

So, feel free to drop comments, preferably about good strategies for different audiences.

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Bronze Dog said...

On fundies who like to make a big deal about atheists being "arrogant": I like to point out the inherent arrogance of having faith. It relies on the alleged infallibility of the person holding that faith and how it puts the gods into a subordinate position: If such a god showed up to tell the person he's wrong, the faithful person could write it off as a demon trying to confuse him, or the god performing a test of faith. In short, they claim the gods are their playthings to define.

On alties who rely on anecdotes: I like to again point out the reliance on the alleged infallibility of the observer, and why our fallibility necessitates statistical mathematics to sort out cause and effect. Additionally, the reliance on individual anecdotes does a poor job of accounting for differences in humans.