Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Going Over My Log...

Loading BronzeDog.exe...

Executing Plugin(SN00ze[0])...

Executing Plugin(SN00ze[1])...

Searching for Room(8ath)... Found!

Executing Plugin(SN00ze[2])

Error: Room(8ath) has been moved or overwritten.
Searching for Room(8ath)... Found!
Checking Sheets[0]... OKAY!
Checking Sheets[1]... OKAY!
Checking Spreadsheet... OKAY!

Loading Skins...
Error: Skins[00] to [1F] have been corrupted. Attempt recovery now (Y/N)? N

Searching for Room(Kchn)... Found!
Executing Plugin(SN00ze[3])
Error: This plugin has performed an unscheduled or illegal operation and has been shut down.

Loading Mi1k.dll... done.
#Include H3rsh3y.dll... done.
Integrating .DLL files... done.
Searching for M3DS.fix... Found! 23 Left.
Voices GOTO(Away)... Verified.

LOGON DVR.30.109.014... Connected!
- Gundam00[1]
- Gundam00[0]
- Colbert~[0]
- DailySh~[0]
- Transfo~[E]

Continue (Y/N/Continuous)? N

LOGON BronzeHive/SuddenLink... Connected before you even thought to ask!

GOTO http://rockstarramblings.blogspot.com/
GOTO http://gmail.google.com/


King of Ferrets said...

...anyone want to translate this? Because I don't understand it.

Bronze Dog said...

It takes a little bit of Leet speak, a little bit of DOS, and a tiny piece or two of C++.

King of Ferrets said...

Okay, I got some of it. Sleep, bathroom, kitchen, chocolate milk. Some of it still doesn't make sense, though. Like the skin thing.

Rhoadan said...

Somewhere in there, I think BD was taking some meds. Anti-depressants, maybe?

Also, at a guess, skins = clothes. Make up is also possible, but since I think BD is male, less likely.

Bronze Dog said...

You got it.

Though on medication, it's Vyvanse in the morning for ADHD. It's the more recent prescription to go along with my Lexapro for anxiety.