Wednesday, November 22, 2006

48th Skeptics' Circle

Listen to the sound mind and body.

Open thead as usual, except discussion of bumping me off for the insurance money is FORBIDDEN!


Don said...

So, who wants to bump BD off for the insurance money?

On a related note, I didn't know that I was one of his beneficiaries. Thanks, BD!

Ranson said...

I say we don't have to bump him off. Most policies has a disability/severe injury clause fir pretty good money. All we need to do is blind him or chop off a limb or something. I'm thinking both arms and a tongue, just to prevent him from telling others about the plot.

We make the cat his beneficiary, then offer to take care of it, as he's obviously no longer capable, given the no-arms thing.

Don said...

On the off chance that he learns to write with his feet, I say we pull a total Black Knight. I mean, I figure BD's tough. Once he's healed up we can put him in one of those wheelchairs you control with your tongue and...Oh. Shit.

Well, we'll have some cash anyway, and a kitty. Screw him.