Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Someone Not Making The Same Mistake Twice

Just found another good thread on the JREF forums. This one's much less silly than that one about the R-9 orbital space fighter wave cannon that did 9/11: JREF newcomer sonja got duped by Sylvia Browne and her son, Chris Dufresne, and admits it. It takes a lot of strength to admit you've made a mistake. It takes even more to have that mistake shown to the world as a warning: sonja's currently talking with Robert Lancaster of Stop Kaz fame to tell her story at Stop Sylvia Browne. (EDIT: It's up, now!)

Welcome to the world of skepticism, sonja. I hope you enjoy your stay. We've got magic acts, card tricks, and maybe the ghost of Houdini. He's quiet now, but boy did he know how to put on a show!


The Big Sylvia Brown Thread


Anonymous said...

The logo of the stop Sylvia Browne website is delightfully horrendous.

It's even more insulting to think about the symbolism of keeping long fingernails: It's one of affluence and flaunting not having to do any actual labor.

Bronze Dog said...

Wow. Never even thought about that aspect. Ouch.