Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Think I'll Be Very Careful When I Get My Wii...

Bumped into this website via VG Cats.


Infophile said...

This is getting ridiculous. According to the GameFAQs Poll of the Day, so far 2780 people have said it's happened to them. (Granted, there's probably a bunch of people who just pick a random answer or the first answer on any poll, but that's still a lot.)

Nintendo generally has very good craftsmanship in their products, and they're quite hard to break. The thin wire connecting the strap to the Wiimote appears to be an exception here. Maybe they just didn't anticipate people throwing them out of their hands, and it was only intended to catch dropped Wiimotes. This illuminates a flaw in playtesting: You've got game designers and hardcore gamers testing out the games, not Average Joe. The former two are obviously going to be a lot more careful with it than a non-gamer, and Nintendo didn't realize this in time.

Bronze Dog said...

I'm considering using a spare PSP strap in its place at this point.

Think I'll put some padding on the glass covers in my entertainment stand while I'm at it. At least until I get used to the whole thing.

Don said...

I've been binge-playing my new Wii for 3 days now (with lots of Wii Sports) and I haven't had a problem. I think that Infophile has a point: you're not Average Joe when it comes to gaming, so you have less to worry about. Plus it is hardly necessary to go wild with the controller no matter what you're playing.

Except Red Steel, because it kind of sucks.

Hope you get one soon. Zelda will eat your life, but in a good way. Not, like, a zombie way.

Infophile said...

The only game I really see being a problem is tennis, as that's the only one that has you both swinging your arm and flicking your wrist sharply at the same time (when serving). Aside from that, no one who's either a gamer who knows to be careful with the controller or has experience with the particular sport shouldn't have much of a problem.

And on the note of the Wii, I'm still in a bad mood about the swordplay in Zelda not being fully interactive. That would have been so cool... but maybe would have made it feel too little like a Zelda game.

Don said...

It hasn't bothered me, and it bothers me less after playing the "swordplay" sections of Red Steel. Someday somebody will make a really nice swordfighting game for the Wii, I don't doubt it, but asking that level of precision from a launch title is a recipe for disaster. I figure if they had done anything more with Zelda, we would have gotten less.

Ryan Michael said...

I...am...so...jealous of everyone who has a Wii.

I thought the Wii would suck. I was wrong - which leads me to the beauty of scientific method:

Observation: The Wii sucks.

Experiment: Play said Wii.

Conclusion: The Wii double-plus unsucks.

Anonymous said...

Observation: The Wii sucks.

That's not an observation as much as it is a hypothesis, which was handily disproven (or, at least evidence was accumulated that was inconsistent with the hypothesis) by your experiment(s).

A more appropriate observation, which comes before the hypothesis is generated for testing, would be something like "the Wii exists, and has recieved a mixture of positive and negative reviews from a range of sources". This leads nicely to either of two testable hypotheses: either the Wii sucks, or the Wii is good. Either one naturally leads to extensive, rigorous experimentation (ie, play the damn thing for a long time, in the name of science!).

Infophile said...

That's it! We'll perform a scientific experiment on whether or not the Wii sucks. Then Nintendo will have to give us one!

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Nintendo press release:

"We urge those who suck at holding onto things to please use their best judgment when participating in the more aggressive titles on the Nintendo Wii. We cannot be held responsible for your opposable thumb's shortcomings (straps are not covered by warranty)."