Tuesday, January 23, 2007

'Nother Temporary Template Change

Sorry about the inconvenience: Some of my posts just wouldn't work with half of a large image being chopped off, and this one stretches. I couldn't figure out how to stretch the Thisaway template in the html, so we're stuck with this until I can get the time to figure things out.

Thankfully, it seems it's much easier to adjust the colors, so I can get an idea of what color scheme you'll take.


Infophile said...

If you want your template to be able to stretch, then what you can do is change the width of the main section from something like "660px" to something like "75%." That's what I did on my blog; you can check the html code for it if you want to see exactly how I did it.

Bronze Dog said...

The problem with the previous template was that the border lines between stretchable spaces wouldn't go away.

Oh, and could you send me the code for your 'recent comments' sidebar thing? The ones I've tried don't want to work for me.

Infophile said...

Try out the one explained on this page. The one I used was an older version, and I'm about to try updating it anyway.

Bronze Dog said...

Tried it once before without success. Just got a blank. Posting this comment to see if it'll get added or something.

Anonymous said...

Nice start, but bring your link colors into the same color family as your text. FYI, here's a color tool I've found useful: