Monday, January 29, 2007

Skeptiplomacy Update

Been a while since I mentioned the game, so here's an update:

For the wager idea, I think I'll borrow a bit from the Reverend: The losing players have to get some item of their local areas and mail them to the winner, and I'm interpreting "areas" to be fairly broad, just in case you live in some boring little town, but some nearby place has something of interest. How does that idea sound?

Other than that, not a lot happened since the last post, but here's the player list thus far:

1. Bronze Dog (duh)
2. Austin Atheist
3. Rev. BigDumbChimp
4. JackalMage
5. xiangtao
6. Infophile
7. baldywilson
8. Brendan
9. Bourgeois_Rage
10. Akusai
11. Greedy Algorithm
12. Nes

We still need the last two players. I'm thinking of just going around doing some inviting on my own. Don't hesitate to do the same. If there's more than two new players showing up, they'll get the slots in the order they appear in the comments for signing up.


Infophile said...

Hmm, that type of wager wouldn't be so good for me. I'm on a pretty tight budget, and international shipping fees can get a tad expensive (I do have an idea of how I could "simulate" sending an item, but it feels like a cop-out). There's also the problem that some people might not want to give out their address, but I can't speak for everyone there.

Bronze Dog said...

Good point.

One alternative I had in mind for the tight budgeted: Emailing a digital photo of some local oddity.

Nes said...

I like the alternative, as I also have a very tight budget, at least until my medical bills are all paid for. I hope pictures of local landmarks will do.

Infophile said...

Did I mention my budget doesn't allow me to buy a digital camera? I might be able to justify it a bit better though, as it's something I'd be using for more than just this. (That's all assuming I can find some place within walking distance that sells them.)

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

While I'd like to say someone will be getting some authentic Carolina pulled pork BBQ, it's not going to happen because I'm planning on wiping the floor with the lot of you.

I have no problem giving out my address, but i do see the problem of international shipping being expensive for some. We can figure out something else. The photo thing is good. If (and that's a huge if) i lose, I'll even throw in some southern foodstuffs. Trust me their good.

/defensive posturing mode off

Guy Srinivasan said...

Sounds good to me. I've no problem giving out my address, either.

Clint Bourgeois said...

Either way is fine with me, unless I lose. Then I will never be heard from again.

Don said...

I'm not sure that Indiana has any local anything to mail or e-mail, but the picture plan is much better for me as I, too, am on a tight budget. I'll begin scouring the wide town for something, anything that counts as a local oddity.