Friday, January 05, 2007

Temporary Template

I've decided to update my template to try to convince myself to get to work on the real end result. Currently dinking around with the basic tools they provide with the updated formats. Will come in handy on some things, but I need to think about how to work around some of the built-in stuff. Would like to have a sidebar on each end, and figure out how to change the background color: You'd think they'd make that a one-click thing.

Anyway, I'm working so don't be surprised if things switch around in the middle of your surfing.

Suggestions are appreciated, and I'm trying to remember all the people I'd like to add to the blog roll. Going to stick with the updated name and try to use a lot of browns and orange colors. I'm also looking for a reason to use a blue-green patina color.

UPDATE: Currently working on the icons for the blogroll. If you can, it'd be convenient for me if some of you would send images you'd like to use for your icons to my gmail account. The general theme I'm going on is that it'll be a dark monochromatic icon on a metallic, polished bronze button. I'm going to be using a lot of hexagons, so try to keep that in mind: Examples thus far: I've turned my brother's "empty set" symbol from a circle with a line through it to a hexagon with a line through it. For Pharyngula, I made a squid out of joined hexagons.

UPDATE #2: Couldn't pull myself away from Zelda this weekend. At least I saved Hyrule from Ganon for the illionth time. Anyway, stuff I'm trying to do for the moment, since I'm having trouble trying to mix my limited html / Adobe GoLive knowledge with all the code they've got for blogger:

1. Kill or greatly reduce the tan spots to the sides. They're doing nothing but taking up space that could be better devoted to sidebar stuff. (It seems everything except those bars is stuck at a specific pixel width, and I can't alter them all and keep the place working)

2. Make a second sidebar to the left with a "recent comments" thing. (Preferably latest 10 comments, just the name and location)

3. Change the backgrounds for the post area and existing sidebar.


Rhoadan said...

Well, I'm torn. The old design was spiffier, but I can read this template. The old design just didn't have enough contrast for my aging monitor. This one does.

Bronze Dog said...

This one's mostly a placeholder for the time being. I'm probably going to use a dark, dark brown for the background with a light orange or tan text. Once I figure out how to change the background, I'll be showing it and asking opinions.

Infophile said...

Okay, one other idea I've had for an icon for me is a spherical... er, hexagonal cow. You can just take my avatar and use a big hexagon for the body, and smaller ones for the head and limbs.

Don said...

I'm not exactly sure how my avatar would be rendered hexagonically. Perhaps just many tiny hexagons to create the symbol? I dunno. If this becomes a large problem for you, drop me a comment either here or at my blog and I'll try to think of something else.