Sunday, January 25, 2009

D&Dify Some Stuff

Way, way, way back, I got an issue of InQuest magazine that included a bit where they converted Magic cards into D&D spells, monsters, and such... For 2nd edition. Wow, that really was way, way, way back. Anyway, the concept stuck in my head for a bit, and made a few brief returns when I'd get an urge to be creative with Craft Construct. Anyway, I'm going to list some stuff, and see what some of you can come up with for Magic-to-D&D translations.

Baku Altar: Think I could use something like this for a way villains could make minions.
Basalt Monolith: It's a crappy card, but I like monoliths.
Glasses of Urza: Peek!
Teferi's Puzzle Box: Card store I used to go to had gimmick $2 tournaments, often where an artifact or enchantment was treated as always in play. This was one of the fun ones.
Thran Forge: Roboticize!
Thran Turbine: Arcane engine of some sort?

Artifact Critters:
The Arcbound Critters. I like the idea behind the Modular power.
Assembly Worker: Critters that support one another.
Chronatog Totem: My sand wizard is thinking of expanding some stuff into time magic. Like sands through an hourglass.
Darksteel Brute: You know, I kind of like stuff in Magic that's not a creature, but becomes one on demand.
Jhoira's Toolbox: A cute robotic bug that carries tools in it. Hmm...
Loadstone Myr: Hmm... Maybe a character can use one of their daily item powers to give it a boost?
Mobile Fort: Hmm... Mobile base of operations.
Onulet: Another gimick tournament critter that showed up: Gimmick was that players would start with random artifact creatures on their side. I got this one.
Serrated Biskelion.
Triskelavus: Flying machine with detatchable fighters?
Wall of Junk: Might work as a defensive spell.
Workhorse: Equine golem trading its strength for magic. Hmm...
Yotian Soldier: No idea why, but I like this critter. Think I've only played it once, when I was learning.

Anyway, that's the Magic stuff. While you're here, like some thoughts on some magic items and possible artifacts.

3 big honking pearls: Sacred treasures for three isolated tropical islands. No idea what sort of powers they should have. Tied in with some bloodsports they played centuries ago in competition with each other for glory.

Efreet Ring: Bit more detail on this one in my mind. It's one of a group of rings made by master goldsmiths, topped with rubies shaped into flames. Each holds the spirit of a manipulative efreet who gives advice to the wearer that usually leads to backstabbing if followed. Those who ignore this advice sometimes end up as piles of ash. These rings are more or less minor artifacts.


Unknown said...

Which version of D&D?

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming 3E/3.5 for version...

The Basalt Monolith is somewhere between a Ring of Spell Storing and a Ring of Wizardry. Having it function as a 'battery', either for specific spells, spell slots, or even XP (used for item creation or casting certain spells) all invite the same question: how do you keep someone else from walking up to the monolith & using the stuff you've put in it?

Glasses of Urza could grant the Reactive Counterspell feat, or grant detect thoughts without requiring concentration, or give a flat bonus to Initiative and Sense Motive checks.

The Triskelavus (or Triskelion) could both work as Large Constructs with a special ability to change into a Swarm of Tiny Constructs.

Chronotog Totem has some similarities to the psionic power time hop and the Psionic Filtcher creature. It seems very Figurine of Wonderous Power-y to me...

The Yotian Soldier seems akin to the Dread Guard (MMII) as a basic "construct warrior" that's well below the Golem level of power.

Millstones closest translation to D&D is probably the Chime of Interruption

Johira's Toolbox has a couple of fun options. At its weakest, its a Tiny construct that includes minor tools, maybe with mending as a spell-like ability 1/day. Maybe it works as an Item Familiar ( that grants bonuses to Open Locks, Find Traps, and Disable Device? (Or just a magic item that grants those bonuses...)

Loadstone Myr: maybe it's available as an Improved Familiar (feat), and it has the Arcane Strike feat (CW), but it can only use magic you give it?

Things like the Thran Forge (and Ashnod's Transmogrant) work better as story elements or plot devices than as magic items. (see also: Half-Golem template from MMII) Putting them in the realm of "PC-achievable" is often a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

I seem to be at a disadvantage here, as I've never played M:tG and have done my damnedest to forget everything I ever knew about 3rd Edition. Ah well.

Bronze Dog said...

Actually, I was thinking of 4th Edition, but 3.x is a decent enough starting point.

Bit of good news for me, Magic-wise: Climbed up into the loft and opened up my old cards. They've survived in good condition, which is relieving since I was worried about my Birds of Paradise. I'm going to sort through them later, and see if I can get anything for dumping the unwanted ones on the local card shop. I might also build some minor decks.

Other news: Going to be joining a sealed tournament this weekend. Hope I get some good cards in my packs.

Tom Foss said...

Slightly off-topic, but if anyone would know, it'll be you folks. There was an issue of InQuest that had to have come out by mid-1999 which had a bunch of proposed "house rules" for board games like Battleship and Clue. I've been trying to find that issue, or a copy of that article, for years.

Bronze Dog said...

Sounds fun. Wish I could help.